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About St­ Maarten/St Martin

map_graphicsWelcome to the unique island of St Martin / St Maarten – two nations, one island, shared by the French and the Dutch and offering a unique blend of many cultures. St Martin / St Maarten is a tropical destination fringed by pristine beaches, dotted with scenic rolling hills and boasting an average tropical temperature ranging from 75°F to 83°F year round. The official currencies are the Euro on the French side and the Florin on the Dutch with the dollar universally accepted on the island. With over 87 nationalities represented on this 37 square mile paradise. English is widely spoken on both sides of St Martin / St Maarten. The French capital of Marigot is essentially French and cosmopolitan, and the Dutch side capital of Phillipsburg has rapidly gained a reputation for being the shopping capital of the Eastern Caribbean with its famed “golden mile” of Frontstreet. Located in the leeward islands of the Eastern Caribbean, St Martin/ St Maarten is a short 4 hours hop away from New York and just 2 hours from Miami, Dutch side Sint Maarten is the busy hub for all the surrounding islands – including chic St Barths, exclusive Anguilla and the Emerald Isle of Saba – providing numerous daily flights from and to the United States. Saint Martin is divided roughly in half between France and the Netherlands, making it the smallest inhabited sea island divided between two nations. This multinational ownership results in the island being referred to by different names: Sint Maarten/St Maarten (Dutch) and Saint-Martin/St Martin (French).


loc_img1 Choose from over 30 St Martin Beaches for every mood & activity. . . The island of St. Martin offers vacationers the choice of over 30 beautiful white sand beaches all with their own character and charm. There are isolated romantic coves where you can catch a great sunset, “happening” beaches were the activity never stops, and calm beaches where the atmosphere is more family oriented. St Martin beach choices also include some clothing optional beaches with the most popular being Orient Beach.


loc_img2 Guaranteed Fun & Excitement! Deep sea fishing in St. Martin is an exciting adventure and the migration period of large fish is awaited with much anticipation every year. One reason why deep sea fishing generates so much excitement is because Saint Martin is situated close to Saint Thomas, which is known as “the capital of marlins”. Another reason why fishing in St. Martin is so popular is because there are opportunities to fish in both The Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.


loc_img3 Big Fun, Little Island There are 13 Dutch St Maarten casinos and much of its nightlife revolves around them. Some of the casinos have themes like Atlantis and Rome, but all casinos offer blackjack, craps, roulette and slot machines. Most of St Maarten’s casinos are located in hotels, but several operate independently. Remember, you must be at least 18 to drink or gamble on the island. If you are not into gambling you can still enjoy the casino scene because some of the St Marteen casinos offer great entertainment such as live bands, variety shows and even circus acts.


loc_img4 The “Little Saint Tropez” of the Caribbean. Imagine waking up in a beautiful St Martin villa rental to the sounds and sights of a 5-mile stretch of beautiful white sandy beach beckoning you for your early morning walk. Located on the French side of the island, not only is this one of the most popular St Martin beaches, but it’s one of the largest as well. Some would even say that with all Orient Beach has to offer it is the perfect vacation spot. The beach features a variety of exciting watersports, great restaurants, bars and nightlife, and don’t forget the duty free St Martin shopping.


loc_img5 Boating in St Martin: From Fun & Games to Serious Competition… St Maarten is one of the Caribbean’s leading sailing venues, a status that is annually reconfirmed every March by the St Maarten Heineken Regatta, one of the world’s biggest sailing events. This race draws hundreds of participants from Europe, the United States, and the Caribbean to the island of St Martin all battling to win this prestigious race.


loc_img6 Over 400 Restaurants In St Martin Offer Great Variety St Martin/Sint Maarten restaurants reflect the many cultural influences that have developed from the French and Dutch cohabitation of the island. It’s like getting two dining experiences for the price of one! Whether you choose to dine in a St Martin(French side) restaurant or a St Maarten(Dutch Side)restaurant – rest assured you won’t be disappointed. Both sides of the Island are filled with world class establishments that cater to you taste buds on every level. You won’t go home hungry.


loc_img7 Fun in The Sun on the Beautiful Island of St Martin. There are many things to do in St Martin/ St Maarten, but watersports are by far the most popular activities on the island. With an average temperature of 80°F and steady trade winds almost all year long, it comes as no surprise that St. Martin is heaven on earth to watersports enthusiasts.


loc_img8 Explore Ship Wrecks & Reefs Beneath Crystal Caribean Waters With its warm, shallow waters, 100 foot visibilities and ideal conditions divers have long recognized the Caribbean as one of the world’s best diving venues. St. Martin diving offers over 40 sites around the island where you can experience views of coral reefs and shipwrecks all while enjoying the beauty of the under sea world and making friends with the interesting sea life such sea turtles, angelfish, grouper, stingrays and tangs.


loc_img9 Two Cultural Regions; Two Great St Martin/St Maarten Shopping Experiences Thanks to the island’s exemption from import and export taxes St. Martin and Sint Maarten have become known as a “shoppers’ paradise”. Both sides of the island provide for great shopping opportunities where luxury items cost up to 50 percent less than in other countries, it’s no wonder shoppers and cruise ships from around the world travel here to buy jewelry, electronics, perfume, crystal, and other expensive goods.